From 15 February to 12 April 2018 the Mūkusala Art Salon will present two exhibitions. 

In the Main Gallery, Estonian artist Jaan Toomik's solo exhibition – paintings and videos which continue the artist’s interest in investigating the human body and its limitations and boundaries. Toomik takes the subject in both a physical sense as well as treating the metaphysical, spiritual aspects of our entity. 

To what extent are these limitations and boundaries subject to the environments in which we find ourselves and how far can they be pushed when confronted with extraordinary situations? The results may range from the tragic to the bizarre and comic. The exhibition at the Mūkusala Art Salon is organised in collaboration with Temnikova & Kasela Gallery, Tallinn.

Meanwhile the Upper Gallery will host the exhibition PORNO with works from the Zuzāns Collection curated by Valts Miķelsons. PORNO is an exhibition about looking, where palm trees and kitsch, series of pics and cheap double entendres bear equal weight in indulging the frustration of unreachability or pure pleasure of the eye.

Publicity image: Visual identity for the exhibition PORNO. Graphic design – Madara Krieviņa.